How To Set Up A Back Support For Your Office Chair In 3 Simple Steps

In the lower spine (Lumbar), there is a normal arch that occurs, and your spinal discs as well as ligaments can become quite agitated during prolonged flattening of that arch, and lead to pain. Therefore, we must work to preserve that curve as we sit, but using our own muscles to hold ourselves up can […]

You Must Address 3 Key Areas For Muscle Imbalance Correction

Muscle imbalance syndromes can be held in place by a complex web of interactions between various systems in the body. Corrective techniques vary widely, and many of them work quite well…BUT…unfortunately, they don’t last over the long run. Take therapies like chiropractic, for instance. Many of my patients tell me that whenever they would see […]

Don’t Forget Your Protein!

Its funny, how as time goes by and results are attained through sticking with a food plan, that certain things start to get a little “loose”. Before you know it, the results have slowed down significantly, and you’re left wondering “what happened??”. The first place I suggest starting or re-starting, if you will, is always […]