Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy

“Even if you’ve tried everything under the sun to relieve your aches and pains without lasting results, I have a program designed specifically for you that can change things dramatically.”  – Sam Visnic, NMT

I’ve been a practicing Neuromuscular Therapist (NMT) for 12 years. Over that time, I’ve worked with hundreds of patients who’ve dealt with everything from minor nagging aches to debilitating chronic pain.

Here is just a short list of some of the most common types of pain:

Back Pain
Neck Pain
Upper-Mid Back Pain
Shoulder Pain – Rotator Cuff
Tennis/Golfers Elbow
Carpal Tunnel
Hip Pain or Arthritis
Ankle or Plantar Faciitis

Perhaps your pain is caused by herniated discs, sciatica, scoliosis, muscle spasms, arthritis, degeneration, or one or more of 53+ painful conditions identified by the medical field.

Whether you see a traditional medical doctor or an alternative practitioner, the therapies for each of these conditions is going to be pretty much the same for each patient.

Whatever that therapy is — spinal adjustment, massage, injections, pain relieving drugs, even surgery — most simply address the symptoms and not the underlying cause. Which means you’re likely to only get temporary relief at best.

Resolving pain isn’t just about addressing the area where the pain is located specifically. It’s about your entire body. Determining the underlying causes of your pain involves taking into account all of your body systems and your entire emotional being.


“Sam is the MAN!  One day, while working out on my own, I tweaked my back while pushing myself too hard doing dead-lifts.  I figured if I gave it a rest, see my massage therapist, and did some simple mobilization exercises, I would be okay within a week.  Well, a week turned into two and eventually turned into a month.  I felt like I was doing all the things I needed to do but it wasn’t healing.  That’s when my trainer suggested I go see Sam to get to the bottom of my discomfort and I am so happy I did.  It can get tricky when it comes to back injuries but Sam has the knowledge and skill to figure out the cause of any discomfort.  What I enjoyed most about working with Sam is that he was patient with me and answered all my questions (I tend to ask a lot) and his enthusiasm in my recovering health.  Trying to understand and heal my pain was his fun!  Unfortunately for him, but great for me, I don’t experience discomfort anything like I used to.  If you’re having back pain, go see Sam.  It’s as simple as that.”

–Cean Geronimo, Professional Golfer

The most common root causes of pain are poor posture, muscle imbalances, and movement inefficiency. In addition, my research has conclusively shown that your diet and the stress of everyday life can be major contributing factors.  By looking at these and other issues, it’s much easier to hone in on the underlying cause of your problem and come up with a specific, systemic approach that targets it with the greatest degree of precision. So your chances of achieving lasting relief are significantly improved.

I use a totally unique approach to relieving pain.  It’s called Neuromuscular Therapy, and it’s a holistic, integrated movement and manual therapy method for back pain sufferers that has been successful in 90% of qualified candidates who’ve tried it.

The reason this program has been so successful is because I look at all of the factors that can contribute to pain. That doesn’t simply include your muscles, tendons and ligaments, but also your nutrition, as well as how emotional stress creates tension throughout your body.

Also, you may not be aware that a large percentage of all pain cases involve key muscle imbalances. When each muscle on either side of the joint has an equal amount of tension, then the joint is said to be in a “neutral” position. This position allows the joint to move normally and keep each muscle doing an equal amount of work. When that doesn’t occur, you suffer from muscle imbalances.

A big part of my Neuromuscular Therapy program works on restoring these imbalances so you can have long lasting results.  I gather very in-depth information about your lifestyle, diet, stress factors, and other underlying causes that may be related to your pain.

There’s also a complete, head-to-toe assessment where I look at the alignment of all the joints in the body, your posture, range of motion, and any soft tissue issues. This assessment gives me a good idea of which muscles are too tight and which are too weak and not supporting the body. Then I give you a targeted exercise and stretching program to correct those dysfunctions, along with any hands-on soft tissue massage work necessary.

Nutritional recommendations are also a key component of my program, as inflammation-provoking eating habits are a potential progress-stopper in a corrective program.

My approach includes the following valuable information:

• 5 simple methods that help you identify exactly what muscular imbalances are contributing to your pain

• Very precise, step-by-step instructions for gentle, easy stretches and exercises that improve flexibility and work to correct your specific problem – so you can finally be pain free.

• The “Don’ts” of lifting and bending to avoid painful setbacks

• How poor diet, food allergies and intolerances cause pain — and what you can do to change the situation

• Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to speed the healing process

• How stress makes your pain worse – and what you can do about it

• The most effective way to use alternative therapies such as chiropractic care and acupuncture, so that they help rather than hinder your healing

• Sleeping positions to avoid at all costs when you have pain – and those you should use instead

And there’s so much more.

I want to make sure you understand you are getting COMPLETE CARE for your pain.  Isn’t it time you ended your pain for good?

At the Visnic Center for Integrative Health, we offer multiple pain relief programs to help put an end to your nagging aches and pains.

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